Storia e Natura si fondono nel Lago Vulcanico più grande d'Europa
Storia e Natura si fondononel Lago Vulcanico più grande d'Europa

"ACQUA" Association


It was founded in 2007 with headquarters in Bolsena (VT) and since 2008 also in Umbria, in Porano (TR) at the former lemon grove of the Park of Villa Paolina (18th century).

We work in the geographical area that once was the Tuscia, the beating heart of federal Etruria, a territory today between the upper Lazio, the district of Orvieto, and the lower Tuscany.

With our activities we protect sites of naturalistic and historical-archaeological value, improving accessibility, disseminating knowledge and promoting further research.

Also through the dissemination of an ecological culture that respects natural environments and local traditions.

The working group has specific professional skills,
and is able to develop design dedicated to the benefit of visitors and students, and in support of the action of local authorities.

Among our members, founders and current, include Tourist Guides, Environmental Excursion Guides, Naturalists, Geologists,Videomakers, Restorers, Ceramists, Archaeologists and Teachers.

We offer guided tours and excursions, cultural events, thematic training courses, educational workshops. We take care, directly or on behalf of third parties, of the management of museums, archaeological sites and areas of historical - naturalistic interest.

It is possible to request Guide services, in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish, only by reservation and at least 7 days in advance.

A percentage of the revenues of the Guide services, and more generally of the contributions deriving from all the activities, is allocated to the ordinary maintenance of the sites managed by the Association. (for example: elimination of infesting vegetation, pannelistica, paths, tools for use ...) and in any case reinvested in promotion services.


Why rely on us?


To discover the area through the work of enviromental and territory experts. To use professional guides in an area included in three regions: Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany.


To attend a territory rich in places to visit, where marriages are facilitated by the main routes of communication: A1 Rome-Florence motorway; Rome-Florence high-speed railway line;
S.S. 71 Umbro Casentinese; S.S. 2 Cassia bis.


For more information
and to support our activities


Send an email to

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Cel. (mobile phone) (+39) 328.5430394
Tel. (phone) (+39) 0763.450524


Make a bank transfer, specifying in the reason for payment
"Donation to support the associative activities"
to the following IBAN



Branch of ORVIETO (TR) - Piazza Vivaria n. 1







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